Where do you want to be?

Mobile Billboards Northwest is a long standing Out of Home Advertising company based out of Spokane, WA. We serve the Inland Northwest and the Northwest region including WA, OR, ID and MT with more than 20 yrs of Outdoor and Transit/Vehicle advertising expertise. We pride ourselves in offering the most effective form of advertising at the lowest possible price while providing the best service period. We have outstanding relationships with our clients and offer flexibility with a wide range of terms and options to fit clients needs, goals and budget.

Our Trucks

We have the newest and largest LED trucks in the Northwest with Full Video capabilities and sound. We service every market in the Northwest (WA, OR, ID and MT).

We create IMPACT with unique visual displays running on four wheels placing your ads anywhere you want to be.    Our static trucks are the largest in the industry measuring 10’h x 20’w.

We have GPS to track our vehicles and we use them in our completion reports to our clients along with photos showing proof of performance daily.

NMB Truck at the Apple Cup!

Rates (negotiable and for trade):   Our rates are apx. 30% lower than the national average. We can carry any length of agreement as little as 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or even schedule a few days a month on a continual schedule.

Static Trucks:   Our trucks run 8hrs of driving or parked anywhere you want to be.   We have the largest static mobile billboards in the industry.   Promote your business,  sale, event or product.   We can park in  High Traffic locations or drive in a specific zip code or be anywhere you want to be.     There is a onetime production cost for the large reusable banners.    Please allow 10-12 days for printing.   Labor/Installation is FREE.

LED Trucks:   We can sell these in a couple of different ways:

  1. The whole truck for one client using all 4 LED screens traveling to any market. 
  2. Running in Spokane continuously rotating on all 4 screens with other ads.

There are no production costs for camera ready art and you can change out your ads as much as you want at no charge.

Video/Sound:   Our LED trucks can do what computers do.   We can elevate our drivers side screen to 20’ in the air and play full motion video with sound when parked at a location of your choice.